Back to Quilting!

Ah, at last, I am feeling better and am about to return to my quilting!! Yippee! Just checked the pollen count and forecast though and had better get cracking...the pollen count is about to go back up over the next couple of days...so I am making hay while the sun shines (except it's not shining today).

Took more photos of completed blocks from the Pirate Quilt (working title only), so you could see them. Working on the skull/cross bones block currently (no photo yet). Enjoy!

I changed this block up just a bit and added the yellow circle to the middle, simply because I didn't like the look of it before I added the yellow circle.

The telescope block...hmmmm...still think it looks lackluster and needs something else?! Any thoughts?
BTW... The gray behind the block is my felt board. Hubby made it for me by using adhesive spray to stick the gray felt to a large piece of cardboard (like a cut up cardboard box for a water heater or other large piece of cardboard). He actually made me two of these boards and as soon as the sewing room gets organized (poof...) the boards will get hung on the wall to serve as my "block board".
Added an extra palm tree to the "X marks the spot" block because it didn't look balanced enough. I am happy with it now!
Quilt a friend of mine started and gave to me to finish. Just got it yesterday, so haven't started on it yet, but will this week. As you can see from the photo, she has started the quilting.
Rows of the quilt started for baby Lilly. Making her a scrap quilt with flannel and cotton 5" squares. These are such simple, easy quilts to make! Made one for a friend a few months ago and made the whole quilt, start to finish, in one week!
Here's how: Sew seven 5" blocks together to form a row; make 9 rows; sew 9 rows together for the top (making sure to press seams as you go). Pick out a cute back (I love the wide back fabric!!), make the quilt sandwich; quilt (x pattern); bind. This makes a nice size baby quilt and you can include squares of different materials for baby's tactile senses...cotton, flannel, minkee, silk, satin...etc.