Grandma Day 2

Well, we were just exhausted last night, but in a good way. We slept in this morning and hopefully, will go back over and see our sweet baby girl today. Her mom posted some better photos, and the best one is at the end of this post. What a sweet face!

Running errands today and hoping the rains hold off. I will be working on the Pirate quilt some more today, but want to start a quilt for baby doll. Oh and I have some more Pirate quilt blocks done, but still have to photograph them. I will try to do that today or tomorrow so you can see the progress. I have soooo many sewing/quilting projects lined up that is is almost overwhelming! And trying to job hunt and be a new grandma at the same time...just boggles the mind!! Oh well...deep breath and take one thing at a time!

Off to get the day started at nearly noon! Enjoy the photo of our little peach!