Fabric Frenzy

Well, the baby quilt I was "finishing" for a friend of mine (photo above) is finally done and dropped off yesterday...I am so happy that she loved it! Now on to the next project, which is a baby quilt for another friend of mine. EQ 5 allowed me to design the quilt, so I spent two hours the other day cutting fabric and I still have fabric left to cut! (EQ 5 is software that helps you to design quilts...the new upgrade is EQ 6, which you can find at www.electricquilt.com) I would upgrade to EQ 6, but am running it on an older computer with Windows 98...and before you make any comments...I know...old technology, but it still works! Anyway, this particular quilt is to be backed in red chenille fabric and I finally got that in yesterday! Whew! So now the piecing can begin!

Speaking of getting fabric ordered and in...have you ever needed that one piece of fabric for that one quilt and you hunt and hunt and you get into a fabric frenzy over this ONE fabric??!! Well, that is how it was for me trying to find this red chenille! I also had that same thing happen earlier this year after going to the Plano Quilt show www.quiltersguildofplano.org , hubby and I bought the Buffalo Bill fabric...it's really cool! But there was one fabric in the line they didn't have, so we looked and looked and finally found it at the quilt shop in Rockport, TX, Golden Needles and Quilts www.quiltscapes.com . I was so excited to find it, because I had been in such a frenzy to get it! So, now another project is on my plate because I found the fabric! Perhaps it is just the Fabriholic in me coming out, or maybe all quilters get into these fabric frenzies and, much like deer in headlights, can't focus on anything else or even start a project until they find that ONE fabric that will work and calm their frenzied mind! You tell me...has this ever happened to you??

That's it for today. Chat with you again soon!
Happy Sewing and Quilting!!