Minkey Binkey

Just wanted to share photos of the Minkey Binkey I whipped up yesterday for our little grandbaby Lily. Hubby and I went over to see her today, and naturally I knew she had to have another blanket from Nana!

These Minky blankets are fairly simple to make and I have made several over the past couple of years. I got started making them when a friend of mine wanted me to make a gift to take to a baby shower. She had seen the expensive blankets made of Minky in the baby boutiques, but didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices they were charging (and who could blame her!). Anyway, she took me to a baby boutique to show them to me and asked if I could make something similar. After looking the blankets over carefully, I said that I would come up with something. It didn't take me long to come up with a way to make the blankets and now I have them down to quite a science...takes me about an hour to make one. The trick to working with Minky is pinning...you have to pin about every 1/2" otherwise it it a little slippy to work with. But, if you pin it properly, then it is pretty easy to work with (it didn't take me long to figure this trick out!). You can buy Minky at a lot of places, but www.minkydelight.com has a great assortment of colors and textures of Minky...they also have some on sale (and this stuff doesn't go on sale too often at most places). Try working with Minky and let me know what you think!

These blankets make really great gifts, and I do them in "baby" size, but they could be made much larger for children or adults as well. For the one I made for little Lily I used the plush Minky, which is so very soft! I am sure that I will make her several more, because as you can see in the photos, she really seemed to like it!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!

Lily's Minkey Binkey

Lily napping in her Minkey Binkey!