More New Fabric!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I am so excited that I got my fabric that I ordered from the U.K.! Yep, that's it at the top. As I posted in a previous blog, I had seen a picture of the fabric in the magazine Irish Quilting. It took me an email to Nutex and searching a bit to find a supplier, but finally found the fabric at www.britanniafabric.co.uk. I ended up ordering 3 yards of it, as I was sure that would last me a while. The fabric is really gorgeous and my idea is to use a lot of it for applique. The castle especially! I love to make small landscape wall hangings and the castle...and the house too...would go perfect on these.

Speaking of small landscape wall hangings...I learned how to do these after reading an article and following a pattern by Karen Eckmeier. She has several books out and my favorite book is "Accidental Landscapes"...which you can find at www.amazon.com. Ms. Eckmeier has a great technique and I love the way the landscapes turn out. You can make a different one every time. I have made a few of the landscapes and plan to use my new fabric to make more!!

Currently, I have finished one baby quilt and am starting to work on another one. The second one is a commission from an old friend of mine, so I have designed something that I hope she is happy with. She wants red chenille on the back of the quilt and I had the darndest time finding red chenille! I finally had to resort to ording it from www.fabric.com and it should be here early next week.

No quilting for me tonight as we will be attending my in-laws 61st wedding anniversary! That's right...61 years of marriage! The family is having a big family dinner for them, and we will get to see our little grand daughter tonight...I am so excited!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!