Quilt in a Hurry!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Just found out last night that I have a new deadline on finishing my friend's baby quilt...the week of Thanksgiving!! (gulp!) She gave it to me to finish for her...as she is traveling a lot now...so I said I would. Well, the baby was born last night and the quilt will be taken out to new baby in early December. Part of the quilt is being hand quilted...slower going...and part of it machine quilted. Worked on the hand quilting last night and found that it is going faster than I ever thought it would...but will have to work on it every day from now until it's finished.

Bought some purse handles today and am thinking of making some quilted purses to sell online. A friend of mine told me about http://www.etsy.com/ and it looks like selling on etsy, as well as EBay might bring more success. Worth a try!

Another beautiful day here! Hubby and I ran errands and ate at our favorite seafood place for lunch...$4.95 lunch special...best catfish I have ever had!! YUM!

Well...off to the sewing room! Hoping to see our beautiful granddaughter this week...hard to believe she will be 1 month old tomorrow!! They grow up so fast! :)