Quilt Magazine Review

Good Afternoon! Yep, I am still up today...since 5 a.m.! (Shock...I know!)

Hubby and I made our monthly trip to Barnes & Noble this morning to look at our fav magazines and I picked up my new copy of Irish Quilting (my new favorite). As I was reading through it, I decided that you all should know about this great magazine too! I find that reading all of the U.S. quilting magazines is fun, but they tend to all run the same quilts, quilt patterns, ads, etc., and that gets really boring to me. Fresh ideas, new quilts to look at...that's what I want. So...I am recommending that you pick up a copy of Irish Quilting and see if you get some fresh ideas and look at different quilts too. You can follow their blog at http://irishquilting.blogspot.com/ or visit their website at http://www.irishquilting.ie/ and get inspired by something new and different. One of the things I like best about this magazine is they include so many fabulous photos of Ireland...such a beautiful place (no, I've never been, but would LOVE to visit!). They also run some contests that are different from the things we typically see here in the U.S. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Sew get going!