Ramblings of a Fabriholic, Quilt Binding, etc...

We discussed what a Fabriholic was the other day and lo and behold I came across a website that has a quiz to see if you are a Fabriholic!! Take the quiz here www.quiltbug.com/articles/fabriholic.htm . Hahaha...I thought it was pretty funny and as you can imagine, I tested out to be one!

Right now I am on the hunt for red chenille to back a baby quilt for a friend of mine. Do you realize how expensive this stuff is??!! Trying to find the best price for chenille is exhausting, and of course, I find so many other delightful fabrics along the way!! I have been pretty good lately about buying fabric...seeing as how hubby and I are both unemployed right now. But, I did pick up a few remnants of fabric over at Hobby Lobby the other day...didn't spend too much money!! Fabric is like chocolate...just can't resist it!

Currently, I am finishing up a baby quilt for another friend. She had started it, but didn't have time to finish quilting it...so I finished quilting it and am in the process of binding. When I was making the binding I thought about what type of binding most quilters use on their quilts. What do you do? Do you self-bind? Make French binding? Use pre-made binding? Personally, I prefer to make my own French binding....and always make extra to use later in smaller projects.

When I first started quilting I used self-binding a lot, and then I learned how to make binding and...call me crazy...I just love making binding! This allows you to use the fabric you want and to make as much as you want. I have used the pre-made bindings, and don't get me wrong, if you are in a hurry they are genius. A good website to purchase them at is www.popsbindings.com where they call them "Lollipops".  These are designer bindings and fun to use. JoAnn Fabrics also sells pre-made bindings, but they aren't as fun as Lollipops! So, if you are in a hurry and don't have the luxury of time to make your own binding it is good to know that you can buy them already made. But, if you like making your own binding...as I do...then here are some tips!

Tips for making quilt binding:
  • Always make more than you need. This comes in handy later for smaller projects like wall hangings and mini quilts.
  • Press binding in half -- DON'T iron binding!
  • Sew together smaller pieces of binding to make a fun binding for a child's or baby's quilt.
  • When sewing binding on to quilt, get some good instructions and follow them to ensure nice corners and smooth application. I have a book by Fons & Porter that outlines a good technique.
  • Use nice thread to applique the back of the binding on for durability. I use silk thread...yep...it is way more expensive, but you get a really nice durably applied binding.
Well, that's it for today...time to get back to my sewing machine!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!