Sew Early

Wow! Can't believe we were up at 5:00 a.m. this morning! Hubby and I got up, dressed and ran over to the IHOP to eat an early breakfast...no reason to be up that early, just were. Being currently unemployed, we have gotten used to sleeping in every day, so today was unusual. But, I am hoping to get a lot more done today...we shall see.

I have been going through my fabric stash, mostly trying to get it organized into my new plastic drawer system, but it is a good idea to periodically just sort through your stash just as a reminder of all of the wonderful fabrics you have. I always think I have a "fabric inventory" in my head, but I tend to forget those pieces that I buy at shows or shops or get from friends. It is fun to rediscover your fabric too! I was also going through my scrap bin (which is now just a large laundry basket under my cutting table) and cutting 5" squares out of the larger scraps. These 5" squares are commonly referred to as "charm squares" or just "charms". Knowing that I want to make more baby charm quilts, I was mostly cutting up fabric appropriate for baby quilts, but you can cut charm squares out of any scrap fabric. Then when you are ready to make a quilt in a hurry, you can skip the cutting part all together, because you have already done it! Plus, it is a great way to save your bigger scraps and have them ready to go. I will make a second pass through my scrap bin and look for scraps suitable to cut into 2" strips and also smaller squares. This will make other projects easier as well.

Well, it's 6:30 a.m. and I need to get cracking if I am going to get a lot accomplished today! Have fun going through your fabric stash and Happy Quilting!