Thoughts on Inspiration

Just pondering where quilters get their inspirations. Some quilters have said they get their inspiration from their family, places where they live, places where they travel, photos and the like. I find that my quilting inspirations can come from almost anywhere or anything. Sometimes the small simple things are what inspire me the most, and sometimes it takes more. This morning hubby and I went to get the oil changed in our car and while I was waiting I could see different patterns as I looked around the waiting room...patterns that could be made into quilts! Maybe I just have quilts on the brain, but next time you are in a new place look around and find the patterns on the walls, in the rugs, wallpaper, the way things are arranged. Get in the habit of carrying around a small blank book or a small book with grid paper to jot down your pattern inspirations.

I am not much of an artist, but with the help of grid paper I can draw squares, rectangles and triangles. I don't believe you have to be an artist to design your own quilts either. Sometimes, when perusing through the latest quilt magazine I become intimidated reading about professional quilters and quilt designers because it seems they all have art degrees or fine art degrees or some other "art" credential...I don't have that. But then I think about where they get their inspiration and realize that anyone....even me...can be inspired by the beauty around us. Nature is a great place to start since our Creator is a great designer and uses cool patterns and colors. I love butterflies and I think it is because they come in so many colors and designs...just like quilts! Think about what inspires you and don't forget to jot it down next time!

Happy Sewing & Quilting!