Just a Little Beauty...

Happy Freezing Weather! But, this is GREAT QUILTING WEATHER!!

I just wanted to add a little beauty and warmth to your day...so here is a photo of my sweet beautiful granddaughter!!

Ahhh...I feel so much warmer now...don't you??!! :)

I haven't quilted these past few days, but have been pondering about what my next project is to be. I have several quilt tops that need to be quilted and several quilt projects that I would like to start...oh, and then there is my Pirate Quilt that also needs finishing! Sew many projects...sew little time!!

How do you prioritize projects? That seems to be a sticking point for me, as sometimes I am not sure how to choose from so many projects to work on. Do I start with the oldest unfinished project? Do I work on something totally new? Something that I am in the middle of? Does it matter?? I just get into a tizzy thinking about it! Should I prioritize by what brings me joy to work on or money when I sell it? Ahhhh...money is a great motivator, but I like to work on projects that make me happy too. Decisions...decisions...I think I will sleep on it and decide tomorrow!

Stay warm! Happy Sewing and Quilting!