Big Snowstorm Aftermath

After the Big Snowstorm the morning was clear and beautiful!
Well, from what I understand, this was the most snow we have gotten in over a century and there it was snowing in 49 of the 50 United States! Wow...now that is a whole lot of snow! I took lots of photos, since snow is rare here and because it was absolutely beautiful. The snow is melting now and it sounds like rain dripping off the roof.

Yesterday, especially with all of the white snow, sunshine and beautiful blue skies, was a wonderful quilting day. Although, I confess I only worked on quilting part of the day, I did get a lot accomplished. I finished cutting and sewing all of the blocks for my current project and after looking at measurements again, realized I will only have to make 6 rows instead of 7! The pattern is for just a regular size quilt and I am making a baby quilt, so the batting is just that much smaller. After nearly 2 hours of cutting, you can imagine my relief of not having to cut anymore pieces!! I mentioned the other day that this particular quilt was boring me, but I have made some changes so that I am much happier with it now...although, am not sure I will meet the deadline, as other things sit on my "To Do" list that must take priority! But, with all of the blocks cut and sewn, now it's just a matter of assembling the rows, sashing and borders...then basting, quilting and...yeah, I'm just not sure about getting it done by the end of the week! Fortunately, I have a very understanding client! :)

Quilting magazines...how many do you have? I have too many! I have been going back through some of my quilting magazines trying to figure out how to store them, how many to keep, etc., and haven't come up with too many good ideas. I have my favorite magazines, which I think I will keep all issues of, and then I have some magazines that might have one interesting article or pattern, but not sure I want to keep the whole magazine just for a page or two. Hmmmm...this is definitely something that I need a solution for. Any comments or suggestions would be quite helpful! What is your favorite quilting magazine?? I would love to hear from you!

Well, off to the sewing room to get some work done and try to stay warm!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!