Dallas Quilt Show Review & Catch Up

And a bright, sunny, spring afternoon to everyone! March was such a busy month for us...all kinds of things going on...it was pretty crazy, which is why I haven't blogged lately. Between hubby and I we had 2 parents in the hospital, we were both sick, and moved 2 of our children to different towns! Whew! Glad March is nearly behind us and looking forward to a calmer, more peaceful April.

The Dallas Quilt Show was marvelous! Hubby and I had a great time! (Well, I probably had a way better time than hubby). Anyway, I took lots of photos...click this link to view, or the link up above. http://www1.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=1964490012/a=102693306_102693306/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/.
I was sooo excited that the Salem Cutting Mat folks (see one of my previous REVIEW blogs for more info) were there and I was able to buy a bigger rotary cutting mat! Well worth the money. I also bought some fabric and lots of fat quarters (of course). The quilts were beauiful, and so inspiring. I was just getting over stomach flu when we attended the show, so we only went one day, instead of the usual 2, but I am fairly sure that we looked over everything! Can't wait until the next quilt show!!

I finished a comission baby quilt yesterday and delivered it today. I thought it turned out really cute, and it just came together so nicely. (See photos above) I especially love the fabric on the back...so cute! Anyway, now I have 3 more lap quilts to do on comission! But, unfortunately, those will have to wait a bit until I get our taxes done...yes, it's tax time and once again I have waited until almost the last minute! Oh well...once I am done with the taxes, it's back to the sewing room!

Also on my agenda...making some summer dresses for our little gbaby Lily! She is so adorable at nearly 6 months old! We had her for a "sleepover" (or as I like to call it "pajama party") last weekend and we had so much fun! Here is one of the latest photos...isn't she a doll??!!

That's it for now, but I promise to blog again in the next few days, as I have several reviews and other quilting/sewing topics to discuss.

Happy Sewing and Quilting on this lovely Spring Day!!


Dallas Quilt Show

Sorry I haven't posted for a bit, but we had a family emergency and had to leave town. While we were out of town hubby and I both came down with the most horrific stomach flu in history!! Just now feeling "human" again...and relieved to feel good!

Tomorrow the Dallas Quilt Show (http://www.quiltersguildofdallas.org/quiltcelebration2010/default.htm) begins and runs through Sunday. Not only am I very excited to be going to the show, but am also excited about feeling well enough to attend!! I promise to take lots of photos and post them later next week. I know there will be some beautiful quilts, but I am also looking forward to seeing what the vendors have to offer. I am always inspired by quilts that I see at quilt shows, and it renews my love for the craft. And it's not just the winning quilts that inspire me...it's the fact that anyone who quilts can enter their work, and it is all genuinely appreciated by fellow quilters.

Hubby will go with me to the show, as he does every year (yes, he is wonderful!). He loves the art quilts the best. But he also appreciates a lot of the "art" that goes into quilting and admires a lot of the hand applique and hand quilting too -- perhaps that's because his wife loves to do hand applique!! ;) He is always so patient with me while I take photos, look closely at the stitching, and stand in awe of some of the amazing quilts...oh, and while I shop the vendors!! We always eat lunch there and sometimes run into friends.

Well, I am really looking forward to the show and the goodies I will find there. Be back after the show to share with you!! Hope to see you there...in the meantime, happy quilting and sewing!


Sunny Quilting

Today is very sunny...almost blindingly so...and still a bit cold out. But it is so nice to see the sun! Even the kitties were excited!! I am getting over a cold and am feeling better today...I think everyone has or had the same thing in recent weeks, thanks to this bizarre weather we have been having.

Still working on the same baby quilt! Well, I kept my gbaby a couple of times last week and with not feeling well, I just didn't work on it much. I worked on the quilt yesterday, and just have to finish putting the back together and do a little more quilting, bind it, and then...voila..I will finally be finished! In the meantime, I have received a "rush" order for another baby quilt...so the lap quilt will be put on the back burner once again...but it is for the same client, so no big deal.

My camera batteries died, so as soon as I buy new batteries I will post more photos of quilts, gbaby, etc! The Dallas Quilt Show (http://www.quiltersguildofdallas.org/quiltcelebration2010/default.htm) is coming up this month...March 12, 13, 14...and I am getting very excited about going!! Not only do I love to see the quilts, but I love to see what the vendors bring!! I am hoping my favorite cutting mat vendor will be there...although I haven't seen them for the past several years. I have one of their mats that I bought probably 7 or 8 years ago and need to buy another mat right about now.


Salem cutting mats are, hands down, my favorite cutting mats for sewing, quilting and crafting. As mentioned previously, I have had one for 7 or 8 years and use it for everything. These mats are great because they are truly self-healing, you can pin on them, they come with our without grids and they last a long time. I want a new one, because I need a bigger one! You can roll up these mats and they will lay back out flat! They are thicker than other self-healing mats so you can actually pin patterns or fabric to them. I highly recommend Salem cutting mats to anyone who sews or crafts. Just click on the link below the picture and check them out!

Well, that's it for today. Back to the sewing room to try to finish this baby quilt! Photos will be forthcoming as soon as I get new camera batteries.

Happy Sewing and Quilting! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!!