Another One Down...and Several to Go!

Yes, that's right! I finished another quilt today, ready to deliver tomorrow! Go Quilting Sue!! Not that I am finished by any means...I have several more orders to complete before the end of 2010! But, that is good for me.  It is always very satisfying to be able to check another order off my list...oh yeah...and to get paid for it...even better!

Currently, I am searching out gray fabric for the next quilt. You would think gray fabric would be easy to find...but, it's not so easy. I spent most of yesterday searching through my stash for gray fabric and only came up with 3 fat quarters that I think will work well. And by the way...I rearranged some of my stash to reveal floor space in my sewing room! Wow, if I keep this up, I might be able to actually walk around in my sewing room!! Anyway...gray fabric...not easy to find...so shopping I must go! Fortunately, most fabric stores are having sales this time of the year...so I am hoping to find some nice gray fabric to add to the next quilt project.

Fall is definitely here...my favorite time of the year!! We have had the windows open all day long...very nice! Good quilting weather for sure.

Well, I am off to bed now.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!


Polyester Fusible Batting??!! -- Review

So, on the quilt I am finishing up now...as in today or tomorrow...I used polyester fusible batting. Why, you might ask? Well, I have found fusible batting to be a lot faster than pin basting, plus you don't end up with all of those pesky pins weighing the quilt down and pricking your fingers. BUT...while I have used cotton and bamboo fusible battings in the past...Fuis Boo being one of my all-time favs...I am not really liking the polyester fusible batting as much.

There are a couple of issues I have with the polyester fusible batting: 1) it makes the quilt REALLY stiff and hard to push through the sewing machine, 2) well...it's polyester...not a fun medium to work with in the first place, 3) it is a little tougher to needle through, and 4) lint, lint, lint...it produces way more lint than either the cotton or bamboo fusible batting, so I have to clean my sewing machine a lot more often. There...I have vented and feel so much better!! Have any of you ever used polyester fusible batting? What is your opinion of it??

Okay...all vented out now...time to go back to hand sewing on the binding of current quilt. And by the way...I am really liking the way this quilt is looking! The quilt is a panel quilt (no piecing)...so it really has gone together fast and easy! Hubby and I happened to find the perfect backing for the quilt and then digging through my stash...I found the perfect binding fabric...how perfect is that!! :)

Back to sewing.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!


Quilting Marathon

Lily rides Grandpa!

Lily in the dirt!

Well, yesterday I had a quilting marathon day! I quilted for 6 hours, pretty much non-stop!! But, I got a twin size quilt all quilted, made the binding and sewed it on...now I just have to hand sew the back of the binding on...and voila...another quilt to deliver! But man, do my shoulders hurt today!! Note to self...when doing a quilt marathon, get up and walk around more and exercise shoulders!!  I have two more quilts to finish in fairly short order, so I know that more quilt marathon days are in my future. How many of you have quilt marathon days?

I started cleaning out my closet the other day and decided to only donate clothing that I couldn't cut up for quilt fabric...sewing green! Now where to store the clothes that will be kept for this purpose??! We are trying to clear our house of things we don't need or don't use. This is going to be a long process for sure!

My what a big stick you have!

So, our little GBaby Lily turned 1 this week! Seems like she was JUST born!! Anyway, we took her and her parents, our youngest daughter and her friend to the park for a picnic (see photos above). We had a great time and despite her bath previous to the picnic, Lily played in the dirt and got rather dirty!! Oh well...babies wash up pretty well!! :)

I am having trouble designing a quilt for a customer...Japanese theme...any suggestions or comments??!! Help!! The quilt is due in November, so it feels like I am running out of time....!!

Lately, I have had an urge to embroider and have a project or two waiting in the wings. Perhaps I will wait for really cold weather to start my embroidery projects?! Just seems like it has been a while since I have done any real serious embroidery...even though I have combined some embroidery in a few quilt projects.

Well, time to get back in the sewing room!! It's beautiful weather...so maybe I will get outside today.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!

Such a sweet face!


Two Quilts Delivered and More to go...

Ouchita National Forest
Satisfied Customer!! :)

Back fabric is called "Punk Princess"

Pinwheels & butterflies

Batik Quilt - Railfence pattern

Border fun!

Baby Lily-almost 1!
Well, it has been a while since my last post, but I have been pretty busy! Lots to tell this time...so bear with me.

We have been keeping our GBaby some and now that she is walking...well, let me just say, Whew! Chasing her around is a full time job when we keep her, but she is just too cute for words. She will be a year old on Tuesday...she has 8 or 9 teeth...she says "Hi" a lot...and she is on the move! It has truly been a blessed year since she was born.

I did deliver 2 quilts yesterday to, what I believe, is a happy customer! (Photos above) The batik quilt was the more fun of the two quilts...went a little nuts on the border quilting, but had so much fun with it. Currently, I am working on another quilt for delivery soon...and then have 3 more lined up!

Oh...and I almost forgot the best news! Hubby bought me a new Janome sewing machine!! Yep...It is one that has 150 stitches!! I haven't really gotten a chance to play much with it yet, since I have so many quilts to get done...but soon I will have a "play" day!! I am just dreaming about all that I can do with it!!

We have discussed sewing green here before, and my thoughts tend to take me to how to sew green quite often. I am not sure if this is due to the many trips hubby and I take to thrift stores, or the poor economy, but my mind is all over the subject. What are your thoughts on sewing green? How do you sew green? Because I just got a new sewing machine, I will be selling one of my older ones...now I consider this part of sewing green because someone else can get many more years out of using my old machine, instead of it ending up in a landfill. Do you follow my thought process on this one? So, I was thinking of all of the other things in our lives that can be recycled...clothes, shoes, plastic, paper, etc...and was wondering how many of you recycle or repurpose. I saw a sign in an antique mall today that said "Shop vintage and recycle"...how appropriate! I will delve more into the sewing green aspect in a later post...so give me your thoughts on the subject.

We went camping with our daughters a couple of weeks ago...gotta love fall camping...and it was just gorgeous. We had fun and drove through the beautiful Ouchita National Forest in Oklahoma...now who knew Oklahoma was so beautiful!!

Well, it's getting late, so I will sign off for now.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!