Polyester Fusible Batting??!! -- Review

So, on the quilt I am finishing up now...as in today or tomorrow...I used polyester fusible batting. Why, you might ask? Well, I have found fusible batting to be a lot faster than pin basting, plus you don't end up with all of those pesky pins weighing the quilt down and pricking your fingers. BUT...while I have used cotton and bamboo fusible battings in the past...Fuis Boo being one of my all-time favs...I am not really liking the polyester fusible batting as much.

There are a couple of issues I have with the polyester fusible batting: 1) it makes the quilt REALLY stiff and hard to push through the sewing machine, 2) well...it's polyester...not a fun medium to work with in the first place, 3) it is a little tougher to needle through, and 4) lint, lint, lint...it produces way more lint than either the cotton or bamboo fusible batting, so I have to clean my sewing machine a lot more often. There...I have vented and feel so much better!! Have any of you ever used polyester fusible batting? What is your opinion of it??

Okay...all vented out now...time to go back to hand sewing on the binding of current quilt. And by the way...I am really liking the way this quilt is looking! The quilt is a panel quilt (no piecing)...so it really has gone together fast and easy! Hubby and I happened to find the perfect backing for the quilt and then digging through my stash...I found the perfect binding fabric...how perfect is that!! :)

Back to sewing.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!