Fast and Furiously to the Finish!

Close up of panel quilt.

Panel Quilt finished a few weeks ago

Back of panel quilt. Love this batik!

Our GBaby trying on Nana's glasses!

Whew! It has been a busy last few weeks, and I am still working fast and furiously trying to get a couple of quilts done that are due this month. I am working on a blue/gray/white one and an Asian wall hanging. I would ponder the beauty of this last one, however, I haven't the time.

Once again I was not able to attend the Houston International Quilt Show...you either?! Well, not to worry! I just spent a pleasant half hour reviewing photos of the winners from this year's show... and you can too! http://www.quilts.org/winners.html

Hubby and I had a plumbing leak a couple of weeks ago, which forced us to purge some things from one of our closets...mine! Anyway, despite the wet dog smell of the carpet until it was dried out, it was good that it made us look at things that had been stored away for years...things we didn't even realize we had, and things we knew we had...somewhere. We have vowed to finish cleaning out the closets, and as a bonus I have found several items of clothing I plan to cut up and use in quilts....sewing green! My daughter-in-law also gave me clothes from our little granddaughter's first year (I know...time has gone by so fast!) to make into a quilt. That will be a fun project...when I have the time!

Time to quilt! And, is there ever not a good time to quilt?!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!