More $ But Less Time for Creativity!

Happy Holiday Monday All!
I know it's been a while since my last post, but I finally got a full-time job, so getting used to a regular schedule and coming home exhausted after work has left me little time to write posts...and unfortunately less time to quilt, embroider, sew and applique!! I am slowly getting used to being on a regular schedule, so hopefully...after body and mind are adapted...I will get back to sewing in the evenings and, of course, on weekends. I managed to make myself a couple of summer blouses just before going back to work, but that's about it.

Projects on my To Do List: Baby boy quilt, Baby girl quilt and quilt for my baby girl about to graduate with her Associate's degree!! This weekend I finished designing my baby girl's quilt (yes, even at age 25 she is still my baby girl!) and picking out fabric. I won't divulge much about it right now (in case she reads this), but suffice it to say that I went with a 2 block design that will work well with the fabrics I chose. I love the colors...her favorites...and decided to have fun with the blocks and make one of the blocks with different fabrics for each block! Almost patchworky, but not quite!

I am still working on the bluework embroidery blocks, but haven't touched them in several weeks...again with the exhaustion after getting up early and working all day! I will try to pick that up again this week so I can get finished and get the quilt done...at some point this year!

Well, I have a free day today, so off to the sewing room to see what I can accomplish before getting back into the work week! What projects are you working on this summer??

Have a great week and happy summer sewing!!