Beat the HEAT -- Time for Smaller Sewing Projects!

GBaby Lily in her New Summer Dress!


Good HOT Summer Afternoon All ~ Yep, and it's not even OFFICIALLY Summer yet!! I'm melting!! 104 degrees here today and 102 tomorrow...and I don't want to even try to imagine August!! :o

So despite the fact that I have several quilt projects on my plate, I have decided that this is good smaller sewing project weather...or just quilt top making weather! I am still working on my Bluework embroidery project...er...um...that is when I am not dead tired after working all day long! Anyway, I am also bound and determined to get my daughter's quilt top finished, at least by the end of July (if I set a deadline for myself, I tend to try to meet it!).  I also need to get the baby quilt tops finished...notice I said "tops"...I will think about the actual quilting sandwich and quilting parts later...maybe when the temps go down to the 80s?!

And, thank you to some dear friends who gave me some of the fabulous new Dr. Seuss fabric! Have you seen it? Fabric.com (www.fabric.com) and Keepsake Quilting (www.keepsakequilting.com) both have it...and I plan to buy a little more to make a Dr. Seuss quilt! If I could just get the top done, then I could quilt it when it is cooler. How do you handle quilting projects when it is blistering hot out??

Hubby and I are planning a trip the first of October to attend the AQS Des Moines Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa (Sept 28-Oct1). My cousin and her husband live up that way, so we thought it would be a nice trip to combine family, camping and quilting!! My cousin (also a quilter) tries to go every year, so I am very excited! Something to look forward to and plan for. I opted for the Des Moines show instead of the Houston International Quilt Show, because I thought it would be something different, a little smaller and hubby has never been to Iowa before.

Well, gotta run...GBaby Lily is taking her nap right now, so I want to get several things done while I have the chance. Tell me what your summer sewing projects are! I would love to hear all about them!! :)

Happy Sewing and Quilting, My Friends!