Sew Happy News!

April and her fiance!!

Engaged!! :)

Happy Monday!

Well, some happy news to start off the week...our oldest daughter, April, got engaged last week!! So we have a spring wedding in the works!! We are very happy for her and quite excited too (Photo of the happy couple above.)! Of course it makes me start thinking about wedding quilts and all things white and satiny. And that reminds me...I have some other quilts to get cracking on if I am going to have time for everything! Still working on youngest daughter's quilt, but between the heat and being sick, progress has been delayed a bit.

For all of you dressmakers out there: I just started using Burda patterns http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns this summer and am loving them! Hancock Fabrics had Burda patterns on sale last Thursday for $2.49/each, so I picked up about 10 or so!! Now that's the deal of the month!! Burda patterns are made in Germany, but they are very easy to sew and go together very nicely. A friend of mine who make all of her own clothes got me onto them. Oh, and did I mention, I also picked up some fabric for 70% off at Hancocks the other day!

I am counting down the days to the Des Moines AQS quilting show!! The show starts Sept 29 and I am thinking of making a list of the specific items I will be hunting for at the show. Hopefully, I will be able to also find some unusual things that quilt shops in the area don't have...that's always fun for me...like treasure hunting! We have our reservations all made, so now it's just hurry up and wait!

At last we have been getting some rain here. Last nights storms...with hail... knocked out our phone service! But I think the long heat wave of summer is finally over and we can cool off now. Whew! That was one long hot summer with over 70 days of 100 degree heat...hottest on record here!

Well, short and sweet for today. This will be a busy week...we have some friends coming to visit from Japan, our daughter's engagement dinner, work and whatever sewing I can fit it!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!

***And I finally got Plano Quilt Show Photos loaded up...See top of blog for slideshow! Enjoy!!***