And Then it was Quilting Weather...

Wow! I did not realize how long it's been since my last post! My apologies...I have been a little busier than I thought!

It is finally cooling off here in Texas...woohoo! I really do enjoy quilting in cooler weather. The summers can be pretty toasty here, so piecing together tops is a better summer activity and quilting is better for winter.

Grand babies are T minus 2 months now...Due in January! The baby sewing is in full swing at my house. My daughter's baby shower is this Saturday and I am not finished sewing everything! My weekend was marathon sewing and quilting, and it looks like my evenings will be the same thing all week. Then next month is my daughter in law's baby shower...yikes! I had better push my needle speed to full speed!! 

Baby Quilt Front
Back of Baby Quilt

I finished the one baby quilt I was working on (see photos), and decided to keep that one for my house. Since it was sort of a "practice" quilt after many months of not quilting, it is rather special to me now. But not to worry, I am finishing up the baby quilt for my daughter...she actually sewed the top together, under my instruction, and did a very nice job! Now if I can just finish the binding by Saturday...! The quilting came out very nicely on it...photos will be posted soon, I promise. 

For my daughter in law, there is a quilt in progress. It's kind of a surprise, so I can't go into much detail right now. She is having a girl, so any guesses as to the color? :) I will divulge that I am using one of my favorite blocks...the Snowball block...in the quilt! Making Snowball blocks makes me really happy...as crazy as that might sound! If you have never made Snowball blocks, try it and see if they make you happy too. They are super easy and make such a nice design when put together. Here is a quick online tutorial http://www.straw.com/quilting/articles/snowball1.html.
Snowball block

Hmmm...Snowball block...sort of appropriate for winter weather, don't you think?! 

That's it for now folks! More updates to follow. Oh and, sorry to say that I did not make it to the International Quilt Show in Houston this past weekend, but go to the website to see the winning quilts, they are beautiful. I absolutely love the top winning quilt...and I happen to have a very similar photo! Check it out at http://www.quilts.org/winners.html

Happy Quilting and Sewing!