Moon Shot and Sewing Green

Goodnight Moon

I just wanted to share this photo of the gorgeous moon I took one night last week. I got several shots of it, but this one was just the best...enjoy!

So, it's been a couple of weeks since my last post and I have some news to report. First of all, today I received another baby quilt commission from a friend of mine (must finish this quilt in just under two weeks!!). She came over and we had a great time going through fabric and looking at quilt patterns! My friend has now decided that she is interested in learning to quilt and has already picked out her first pattern for her first quilt. I mentioned that the Dallas Quilt Show (www.quiltersguildofdallas.org) is coming up in March and she said she would love to go with me! Naturally, any time anyone shows an interest in quilting, I get very excited!! I also plan to take her fabric shopping in a couple of weeks (yes, the fabriholic in me is coming out!). 

As usual, hubby and I went on our once a month excursion to Barnes & Noble (www.barnesandnoble.com) to check on new issues of magazines. I bought a very interesting magazine called GreenCraft (http://www.stampington.com/html/greencraft_volume1.html) and it is just chock full of wonderful crafting ideas for using recycled materials. There are some purse ideas, and flower pin ideas too. There was even an idea (that I want to try) for taking an old tablecloth (a cute one) and cutting it down to make an apron. In a previous post, I discussed "Sewing Green" and shopping at thrift stores and antique stores for fabric....so naturally, my first thought was that I must make another thrift store/antique store run to find some old table cloths and make an apron!! I thought this was a great Sewing Green tip and wanted to pass it along to you.

Grandbaby News ~ our little darling is sick this week with a cold and sinus junk, so we haven't gotten to see her this week. But, I did decorate a little knit cap for her. Hobby Lobby (www.hobbylobby.com) is a great source for inexpensive baby hats, caps and onesies to decorate, if there is a baby in your life and you have a Hobby Lobby near you. I have just been having so much fun sewing little flowers and cute trim onto these caps! I also ironed on some appliques to a bib for her, and plan to do a couple more...since babies tend to mess up multiple bibs in a day!

I am still working on quilting My Quilt (which is only a temporary name for it). It is a much larger quilt than I am used to quilting, so I am struggling just a bit with it...but since it is for me, I can take my time with it. It won't be perfect (there are, admittedly, a few puckers on the back), but again...this is for me and won't be gong to any quilt show!

As it is already the month of February (!!), I have decided that I had better get cracking on making some summer dresses for our Grandbaby! Found a cute pattern for a summer dress, bloomers and a hat, so I want to make several of these outfits for her to wear during the hot summer months. In Texas, hats are so important for the little ones to wear, because it just gets so blistering hot here and babies' heads are so very tender.

Well, that's about it for now. If you have any Sewing Green ideas, please post your ideas and comments to share...quilting tips too!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!