Snow, Reviews and Great Quilting Weather!

Woke up to snow this morning!!

Ah yes, we woke up to snow this morning and it is still coming down! Now, I realize that for you folks in the North and East who are getting record amounts of snowfall, snow photos are like the last thing you want to see. But, for us Southern folk who don't see snow too often, this was a beautiful sight to see! Of course, we will be sick of it by nightfall when the roads start to ice over and everyone is having wrecks, but in the meanwhile...enjoy!

I wanted to do a product review today for Mary Ellen's Best Press (http://www.maryellenproducts.com/home.php).  This is a nice alternative to starch, and comes in different scents. I LOVE using Mary Ellen's Best Press when quilting or appliquing! This product is also environmentally friendly...and works in nicely if you are "sewing green". You can also buy larger refill bottles and refill the spray bottle...which also makes it an environmentally friendly product. 

Unlike regular spray starch, this product does not flake or clog. It is an amazing product for anyone who sews, or anyone who irons! I even use it when I iron hubby's shirts (you know...those rare times!).  My favorite scent is Lavender Fields, especially when I am quilting baby quilts, since lavender is very relaxing...helps me and the baby!! Right now Hancocks has it on sale for $4.00 (in store only).
I have to get back to working on this latest baby quilt...which, by the way, I am not liking right now. The colors are boring me and the pattern doesn't seem to be working too well. So, back to the quilting room to figure out how to make it work!

So that's it for this snowy day! Stay warm and dry and just sew!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!