Garment Sewing...a Slight Change of Pace

Howdy All!

The photos this week are of the Renaissance shirt I just finished for hubby. I used Simplicity pattern #4059 (http://www.simplicity.com/c-264-historical.aspx?pagenum=2), and I think it turned out pretty well. Hubby seems to be very pleased with his new shirt to go with his Renaissance costume! Yes...you guessed it, we do go to Renaissance Fairs and we do dress up!! The one that is on nearest to us right now is Scarborough Fair (http://www.srfestival.com//).  We are planning to go on a nice weekend...with thousands of others!! Do you Ren Fest and dress for it?? Post your comments and photos!!

Of course, I went fabric shopping the other day (hmmm...and today as well!!), and purchased some fabric to make hubby the hat from the same pattern. Found the fabric on the clearance rack!! (Tip: always check the fabric clearance racks FIRST!! That way you can probably find fabric that will work for your project a whole lot less expensive!) Not sure when I will have time to make the hat, but it doesn't look too complicated.

Today, I am cutting out fabric for a commission quilt...right now I just call it "The Purple Quilt", as most of the fabric is purple! I have finally located a quilt pattern for it that I am happy with, so time to begin sewing purple! Two other commission quilts are waiting in the wings, so I have a lot on my plate right now. Oh, and did I mention that I might...perhaps...start a consulting job next week if they select me. Which means more $$ for buying fabric, but less time to sew!! Sort of a Catch 22 situation for me!

We had our son and his wife and our Gbaby, Lily, over for dinner last night. We hadn't seen them in about 3 weeks and it was really great to visit. Lily is getting so big now!! She is about to start crawling (see photo). It is so much fun to watch her grow and learn...and she is just the happiest baby in the world!!

Okay...getting off my Granny box!! Well, I will keep you posted on the consulting job and sewing and quilting projects. I feel another product review coming on soon...so look for that!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!