Mad Hatter!

Happy Friday Everyone!

So this week, I feel like the Mad Hatter! Why, you might ask? Because I have been hatting my hubby for Renaissance Fair!! This has been a new sewing adventure for me!!

I actually cut out one hat and discovered that hubby's noggin is larger than the pattern (TIP: always measure first!!)...so I had to get new fabric and start over. Hubby came in part way through the cutting process and said he liked the brim from the McCalls pattern and the top of the hat from the Simplicity pattern! Hmmmm...okay! After resolving how to go about this dilemma, I got to work and with gritted teeth and a deep breath, and got the hat made! (Remember, I generally don't make hats!)

Anyway, as you can see by the photos (above) I made the hat and hubby was very pleased! The photos don't really show the color of the hat very well, but it is a green color...very foresty...and the lining is a lovely green that is a bit lighter green, but a very beautiful fabric. The top of the hat and brim are made out of suede. I was very fortunate this week that a fabric store nearby was having a 75% off sale, so I was able to buy the $27/yard suede for only $6/yd!! Now that's a great deal! I have fabric left over of both the suede and lining, so I might just attempt another hat! (I know...let's not go nuts!) The original hat that I cut out (the too small one) will get made...eventually, and then it will be for sale on Ebay!

The quilt I am working on now is the Purple Quilt...so I am working on the purple pinwheels! It has taken me a while to get started on this quilt because the client gave me several different fabrics to work with, mainly all floral in purple and blue. I was having trouble trying to figure out how to integrate everything into one quilt...but problem solved and I am moving along on the project now. I will post photos as soon as I have more done.

Well, it is supposed to rain this weekend, so more good sewing and quilting weather!! Back to the sewing room now! Let me know what you are working on this weekend!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!