Ren Fair Photos & Other Musings

Well, hubby and I had great fun at the Ren Fair last weekend! See hubby's costume in the photo above (check out the hat and shirt!!). We drank mead, ate, and saw some shows...definitely got some exercise in! We may be going again, because now our daughters want to go!! Don't think I will have time to make them costumes, but we will see.

There is a nice cool breeze blowing today, so I am sitting here with the windows open letting the house air out. Don't you just love to air out your house?! I love having the fresh air come in and the stale air go out. It just makes the house feel so much better...less stuffy. Now, mind you, on really hot days the A/C goes on and stays on, but I think that the air gets pretty stale just recirculating like that.

Still working on the Purple Quilt...nearly done making all of the pinwheels. Once I am done making the pinwheels, the process should go a lot faster. I love making half squares to make pinwheels! What is your favorite block to make? I am chain piecing the pinwheels to save thread (sewing green!). How do you sew green?

I am getting in the "sewing mood" to sew some summer clothes...not just for my granddaughter...but for myself too! I told you about the 75% off sale at a fabric store near me...well, I went there again last Friday with hubby and bought more fabric! They just had some really nice fabric and at 75% off, I just couldn't resist going back!! So, now I am wanting to make some summer clothes with this beautiful fabric. Sew many projects...sew little time!! :)

Well...it's off to the sewing room for me!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!