What's Under Your Needle??

Good Morning Everyone!
It's a beautiful spring day and I am loving this weather! I think I am just a spring person because I really enjoy the blooming flowers and the bright greens of the grass and trees, the mild temperatures, the birds singing in the trees...ahhh...spring is definitely in the air! Pollen is too, but for some strange reason the spring allergies don't bother me as much as the winter allergies!!

So, what's under your needle today?? I am always interested to hear about/see what others are working on. Currently, I am making a shirt for hubby to wear with his Renaissance Festival costume. Yes, we do enjoy Ren Fests and dressing up!! He has everything but the shirt, so that's what's under my needle right now!

This week I have to start on the commission lap quilt...finally chose a pattern! Of course, I will modify the pattern some just because that's what I usually end of doing anyway. I am torn this week between staying in and sewing and getting outside! Perhaps I will take any handwork I have to do outside and get both of my desires sated!!

Because it is spring and spring cleaning is on my mind, I was thinking of organizing and rearranging my sewing room. Of course, I think about this most every spring, but might actually do it this spring! How is your sewing room arranged? Do you have any particular tips and tricks for arranging and organizing your sewing room? Please share with me, and everyone who reads this blog, so that we can more effectively arrange our sewing rooms! Share photos too!!

I hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Sewing and Quilting!!