Fusi Boo Review

Happy Weekend Everyone!

In this post, I have another great Product Review!! Yeah!! Still working on the Purple Quilt and should finish quilting it today...hopefully, it will be ready for delivery next week! Photos coming soon!

This past week was a really good week for us...rather laid back! We had a fun day with our Grand baby yesterday...she is getting so big so fast!! You forget just how fast they grow!!

Product Review - Fusi Boo

I used Fairfield Fusi Boo fusible batting in the Purple Quilt this week and, as promised, I wanted to let you know how it works! In my opinion, Fusi Boo is a really great product and worked just as the package promised. Lay out your quilt sandwich, set your iron on wool with steam and press for several seconds all around the quilt top, starting in the center and voila...your quilt is basted!! Yes, folks, it really is just that simple! No kidding! I had a lap size quilt basted, start to finish, in just over 30 minutes!!

Below are some things I about this batting that I learned and wanted to share with you:
  1. Once you have pressed the quilt top to the batting, flip your quilt sandwich over and press from the back too. This gives you the opportunity to press out any puckers or "bubble" spots, and helps the batting to adhere better.
  2. Do NOT get the fusible stuff on your iron (and I am speaking from experience!) It isn't too difficult to get off your iron, but the best scenario is to not get it on your iron in the first place.
  3. You can, and might want to, double this batting up. It is a little thinner batting than I expected, and while I typically use 100% cotton thinner batting (such as Hobbs) it was even thinner.
  4. When pulling this batting out of the package and unrolling it, it does tend to stick to itself...so use your muscle!
  5. The package recommends washing the quilt once it is finished to remove the fusible stuff. I agree with the manufacturer on this 100%! Definitely wash your quilt to get the fusible stuff out, otherwise the quilt tends to be a little on the stiff side.
So run out and get some Fairfield Fusi Boo and baste your quilt quickly!! If you have a bad back (like I do) and can't bend over for a long period of time to pin baste, then Fusi Boo is definitely your product of choice!!

Well, back to working on the Purple Quilt. Hope you enjoyed my Product Review!! If you have a product you would like reviewed, just post a comment and I will run out and get the product for review.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!