Sizzling Summer Quilting!!

Well folks, it looks like spring is over and summer is with us! Temperatures here are supposed to soar to 103 degrees on Saturday...yes, already over 100 degrees! Can't imagine what it is going to feel like come August! Summer is not the best time to quilt because of the heat, but I still manage to quilt! Summer is a great time for making tops and then when winter arrives you will have plenty of quilting to do. If I were a more logical person, that is how I would do it...but I'm not, so I tend to quilt all year. Due to the heat, I am having to switch my time in the sewing room to early morning because our A/C is not working upstairs (yep...you guessed it...where my sewing room is) and by afternoon it is upward of 90 degrees upstairs. I am trying to get enough done to be able to go downstairs later in the day to do whatever handwork needs to be done...in the cool part of the house.

Oh...and by the way...the Purple Quilt is finished! Photos will be forthcoming! So glad to have finally finished this quilt...and I think it looks very nice!! Right now I am working on a quick little quilt for my Grand baby Lily...just a cute one piece top and one piece back...not too big, but a good nap quilt. I found some Bazooples fabric at Hobby Lobby (www.hobbylobby.com) and it was so cute that I knew I had to make a little quilt for Lily! The next lap size quilt that I have lined up for commission will be a rail fence quilt using batiks that my customer likes. I am pretty excited about this quilt, and will try to get it finished quickly.

Tell me what projects you are working on this summer...or do you just hang up your needle for the summer and go outdoors?!!

Until next time...Happy Sewing and Quilting!