Another One Down...and Several to Go!

Yes, that's right! I finished another quilt today, ready to deliver tomorrow! Go Quilting Sue!! Not that I am finished by any means...I have several more orders to complete before the end of 2010! But, that is good for me.  It is always very satisfying to be able to check another order off my list...oh yeah...and to get paid for it...even better!

Currently, I am searching out gray fabric for the next quilt. You would think gray fabric would be easy to find...but, it's not so easy. I spent most of yesterday searching through my stash for gray fabric and only came up with 3 fat quarters that I think will work well. And by the way...I rearranged some of my stash to reveal floor space in my sewing room! Wow, if I keep this up, I might be able to actually walk around in my sewing room!! Anyway...gray fabric...not easy to find...so shopping I must go! Fortunately, most fabric stores are having sales this time of the year...so I am hoping to find some nice gray fabric to add to the next quilt project.

Fall is definitely here...my favorite time of the year!! We have had the windows open all day long...very nice! Good quilting weather for sure.

Well, I am off to bed now.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!