Finishing 2011 Projects...2012 Projects Coming Up!

Alien Baby Quilt

One of the cute little aliens!

Another cute little alien!

Youngest daughte and GBaby Lily!

GBaby loves cake pops!

Grandpa & GBaby Lily!

No, I have not dropped off the face of the planet...as some of you must have thought by now! My hours at work have increased so much that when I get home in the evenings I am a brain dead zombie...and that does not lead to beautiful sewing! So, hopefully this grueling work schedule will end soon and I will be back on a normal schedule and back to sewing, quilting and posting!

A couple of things before I begin on the projects...finished and not finished. First of all, my humble and delayed apologies to Bebas Enterprises LLC. In previous posts I had mentioned that I really love the Salem cutting mats, but unbeknownst to me, there were some legal issues with the folks who bought out Salem and...long story short, to get these great mats please go to http://www.bebasboutique.com/ to buy them, or call 1-888-209-4087! They are no longer called Salem, but are now Bebas cutting mats. They are truly the best cutting mats you can buy! Bebas Boutique also sells other items as well, so check it out!

So we are getting ready for my oldest daughter's wedding at the end of March. It is pretty much planned and we just have to wrap up the small details, but there are the wedding showers, etc in te next few months too. Anyway, I am sure that I will be somewhat busy with all of that, so if you don't see me posting here as much as last year, don't worry, I will try to check in at least once a month...hopefully more!

I did actually finish a baby quilt the first of December!! This one only took me about 7 months!! Hahahaha...mostly 7 months of not working on it...but you get the idea. I call it "Alien Baby Quilt" because it has some of the cutest little aliens on it (photos above). I really like the way it turned out and would love to keep it, but it was for a commission....and I do need the money...so I will be delivering it next week! Hubby really likes it and is sort of hoping the buyer will decide not to buy it...uh...I don't think so!! But, thanks Hubby for liking my work so much!!

Still working on my youngest daughter's quilt...months later! Well, the good news is the top is done!!! (yeah!) I actually bought the backing at the Des Moines Quilt Show in October, just need to baste, quilt, bind and present!!

Also still working on embroidering kitty dish towels for the kitchen! I am on the second one now and these are actually coming right along. Oh...and for all of you embroiderers out there a couple of great embroidery websites...
This is Mary Corbet's website and she does some beautiful embroidery, also has tutorials online for various stitches and techniques...
This is Jenny Hart's website and features some very unique embroidery designs for sale..as her tag line states "This ain't your gramma's embroidery"...and it surely isn't.

Check out these great websites and get your embroidery on in 2012!

My 2012 projects...sigh...the list is long!! I am prepping my first t-shirt quilt for my future son-in-law...he is a firefighter, so the t-shirts are all his fire fighter, EMS shirts. I am hunting appropriate fabric right now, but have the t-shirts cut up and will get the fusible web put on shortly. There are two quilts I have ready to quilt or have started quilting, that I would dearly love to finish in the upcoming year! I also want to do a few of the Karen Eckmeier wall hangings (http://www.kareneckmeier.com/) this year. These are so great, fast and fun to do! I have done a few of them, but really want to do more, like the tropical one with palm trees for my living room! Fabric for a Dr. Seuss quilt is sitting in my sewing room calling out to be made into a quilt, as is a mountain of other fabric! Oh...and then there is the long neglected Pirate Quilt...yes, I am stuck on the last block and once that issue is resolved, I can finish the block and move on to finishing the quilt! What are your 2012 sewing/quilting/embroidery projects? Post your comments, so I can feel like I am not the only one with piles of projects!!

Oh, and have I mentioned my sweet GBaby Lily??! She is 26 months now (I know...time flies) and smart and beautiful too! We don't get to keep her near as often as we did when we were jobless, but still get to keep her about once a month. She has such a great sense of humor for a 2 year old...reminds me much of my youngest daughter at that age! What? Photos of her...why of course I will post photos of her!! Need you even ask?

Well, that's it for now! I have some tutorials in my head that I need to get onto this blog, so hopefully that will happen in the next month or so! Keep checking in here...and post your comments!

Happy Sewing and Quilting right into 2012!!!


Iowa Vacation & Quilt Show

Cool Quilt from Quilt Show!

At the Living History Farm

Happy Monday Everyone!

We had a fabulous time on vacation in Iowa and I had a great time at the AQS Des Moines Quilt Show http://aqsshows.com/AQSDesMoines/. I attended the show with my cousin...also a quilter...and we bought fabric, took photos and sat in on a couple of demos. I am trying to get all of the photos uploaded, so bear with me and check back often for the photos. Posting a few of them today (see above). We also visited the old family farm in Ames, Iowa...I spent every summer there until I was 15... so great memories going back there. In Des Moines we also visited the Living History Farms http://www.lhf.org/ ...very interesting and lots of quilts there too!  Hubby drove the whole way...thank you, thank you! The weather was beautiful and the food was great too!

Still working on embroidering tea towels and finishing up a baby quilt on commission and my youngest daughter's quilt. Oh...I purchased the back for my daughter's quilt at the quilt show in Des Moines! Went to my favorite vendor Sew Batik http://www.sewbatik.com/ to buy the back fabric. I love, love Sew Batik and visit their booth at the Dallas Quilt Show every year, so I was very excited to find them at the Des Moines Quilt Show too! I also bought some other batik fabric there too! Of course, working full-time is slowing down my quilt production, but we all do what we can!

Check back soon for the quilt show photos! Gotta run for now!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Sew Happy News!

April and her fiance!!

Engaged!! :)

Happy Monday!

Well, some happy news to start off the week...our oldest daughter, April, got engaged last week!! So we have a spring wedding in the works!! We are very happy for her and quite excited too (Photo of the happy couple above.)! Of course it makes me start thinking about wedding quilts and all things white and satiny. And that reminds me...I have some other quilts to get cracking on if I am going to have time for everything! Still working on youngest daughter's quilt, but between the heat and being sick, progress has been delayed a bit.

For all of you dressmakers out there: I just started using Burda patterns http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns this summer and am loving them! Hancock Fabrics had Burda patterns on sale last Thursday for $2.49/each, so I picked up about 10 or so!! Now that's the deal of the month!! Burda patterns are made in Germany, but they are very easy to sew and go together very nicely. A friend of mine who make all of her own clothes got me onto them. Oh, and did I mention, I also picked up some fabric for 70% off at Hancocks the other day!

I am counting down the days to the Des Moines AQS quilting show!! The show starts Sept 29 and I am thinking of making a list of the specific items I will be hunting for at the show. Hopefully, I will be able to also find some unusual things that quilt shops in the area don't have...that's always fun for me...like treasure hunting! We have our reservations all made, so now it's just hurry up and wait!

At last we have been getting some rain here. Last nights storms...with hail... knocked out our phone service! But I think the long heat wave of summer is finally over and we can cool off now. Whew! That was one long hot summer with over 70 days of 100 degree heat...hottest on record here!

Well, short and sweet for today. This will be a busy week...we have some friends coming to visit from Japan, our daughter's engagement dinner, work and whatever sewing I can fit it!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!

***And I finally got Plano Quilt Show Photos loaded up...See top of blog for slideshow! Enjoy!!***


Ahh..Cooler Weather and Quilt Shows!!

GBaby Lilly...23 mos old now!

Well, it has been a while since my last post and I apologize! We have been suffering through one of the hottest summers on record with 69 days of 100+ degree temperatures...and finally, it has cooled off! Yeah! Now, we just need some rain!! :) The ground is so very dry and there are fires all around us...and we have a crack in the front yard large enough to lose a small child in! Rain...please!

I have a few projects I am working on currently. Still working on quilt for youngest daughter (due to the heat, I have been working on smaller hand projects, so I can stay in the cool part of my house); just started on, and hope to finish quickly, a baby quilt on commission; finished the Blue Work panels that I have been working on all summer; started embroidering a pair of dish towels for a gift; finished two blouses for myself...and I think that is it for now! 

My wonderful husband surprised me a couple of weeks ago with a new book..."Sewing Green" by Betz White! This is a great book! It has 25 projects in it, all reusing or repurposing. I cannot wait to get started on some of the projects!! Check out the book at www.amazon.com !

Last month I attended the Plano Quilt Show here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. It is a smaller more local quilt show, but I really enjoyed it! I have about 1/2 of the photos posted to Snapfish and will try to get the link up on my blog so you can start looking at the amazing quilts! We are scheduled to go to the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa Sept 29-Oct 1, so I am getting very excited about that! I am going with my cousin, who is also a quilter, so we should have a ball!! I have never been to an AQS show before, so it will be a new experience. 

For those of you who do embroidery, I have found a great blog that I have been following and been inspired by. The blog is by Mary Corbet http://www.needlenthread.com/ and I have picked up tips and learned about so many places to get new embroidery patterns and so many things! Check it out, you too will be a fan!


I had some questions sent in about Fusi Boo, so I wanted to address them. Thank you Laurel for asking!

1) Do you think Fusiboo produces a smoother surface on which to quilt?
2) Is it flexible enough to maneuver for machine quilting (i.e. rolling and holding with quilt clips, folding, or similar)?
3) Does the bond ever give way with "too much" handling?

First of all, a smoother surface to quilt on? Hmmm...no I don't think it is smoother than a non-fusible batting, but I don't find it lumpy or difficult to quilt on at all. It is actually quite smooth for a fusible batting. And when you start working with fusible battings, you will see what I mean.

Although the fusible battings are/can be quite stiff, I think Fusi Boo is the least stiff of all of the ones I have tried, and yes it is flexible enough to maneuver for home machine quilting! You have to understand that due to the fusability of fusible battings, they are quite stiff to work with, but some are ridiculously stiff! Fusi Boo, while stiff, is not too stiff to work with, and I have been very successful in working with it...which is why I am a big fan! You do have to remember when you are done with the quilt you MUST wash out the fusible part, which is done simply by running it in a cold water wash and drying it. After that it is as soft and smooth as any other quilt!

I have never had the bond give way with too much handling, and the bond is very even throughout. I have used other fusible battings before and they don't have an even bond all over the surface (i.e., very good hold over all, but some spots just don't stick). I think that is why I am so impressed with the Fusi Boo, it adheres very evenly over all, as long as you follow the simple instructions, it sticks well throughout the process. Again, you have to bear in mind that working with fusible battings vs. non-fusible battings is a totally different experience. I have heard some people say they won't work with them at all, but for me, fusible battings -- specifically Fusi Boo-- is so time saving and worth the money to me!

I hope I have answered your questions, Laurel! Please post your comments if you have any more questions!

That's it for now. I have a tool review coming soon, so check back! I will also post Des Moines quilt show photos in October!!

Oh...and our GBaby is 23 months old today!! :) Photos above!

Happy Sewing and Quilting...stay cool y'all!!


Beat the HEAT -- Time for Smaller Sewing Projects!

GBaby Lily in her New Summer Dress!


Good HOT Summer Afternoon All ~ Yep, and it's not even OFFICIALLY Summer yet!! I'm melting!! 104 degrees here today and 102 tomorrow...and I don't want to even try to imagine August!! :o

So despite the fact that I have several quilt projects on my plate, I have decided that this is good smaller sewing project weather...or just quilt top making weather! I am still working on my Bluework embroidery project...er...um...that is when I am not dead tired after working all day long! Anyway, I am also bound and determined to get my daughter's quilt top finished, at least by the end of July (if I set a deadline for myself, I tend to try to meet it!).  I also need to get the baby quilt tops finished...notice I said "tops"...I will think about the actual quilting sandwich and quilting parts later...maybe when the temps go down to the 80s?!

And, thank you to some dear friends who gave me some of the fabulous new Dr. Seuss fabric! Have you seen it? Fabric.com (www.fabric.com) and Keepsake Quilting (www.keepsakequilting.com) both have it...and I plan to buy a little more to make a Dr. Seuss quilt! If I could just get the top done, then I could quilt it when it is cooler. How do you handle quilting projects when it is blistering hot out??

Hubby and I are planning a trip the first of October to attend the AQS Des Moines Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa (Sept 28-Oct1). My cousin and her husband live up that way, so we thought it would be a nice trip to combine family, camping and quilting!! My cousin (also a quilter) tries to go every year, so I am very excited! Something to look forward to and plan for. I opted for the Des Moines show instead of the Houston International Quilt Show, because I thought it would be something different, a little smaller and hubby has never been to Iowa before.

Well, gotta run...GBaby Lily is taking her nap right now, so I want to get several things done while I have the chance. Tell me what your summer sewing projects are! I would love to hear all about them!! :)

Happy Sewing and Quilting, My Friends!


More $ But Less Time for Creativity!

Happy Holiday Monday All!
I know it's been a while since my last post, but I finally got a full-time job, so getting used to a regular schedule and coming home exhausted after work has left me little time to write posts...and unfortunately less time to quilt, embroider, sew and applique!! I am slowly getting used to being on a regular schedule, so hopefully...after body and mind are adapted...I will get back to sewing in the evenings and, of course, on weekends. I managed to make myself a couple of summer blouses just before going back to work, but that's about it.

Projects on my To Do List: Baby boy quilt, Baby girl quilt and quilt for my baby girl about to graduate with her Associate's degree!! This weekend I finished designing my baby girl's quilt (yes, even at age 25 she is still my baby girl!) and picking out fabric. I won't divulge much about it right now (in case she reads this), but suffice it to say that I went with a 2 block design that will work well with the fabrics I chose. I love the colors...her favorites...and decided to have fun with the blocks and make one of the blocks with different fabrics for each block! Almost patchworky, but not quite!

I am still working on the bluework embroidery blocks, but haven't touched them in several weeks...again with the exhaustion after getting up early and working all day! I will try to pick that up again this week so I can get finished and get the quilt done...at some point this year!

Well, I have a free day today, so off to the sewing room to see what I can accomplish before getting back into the work week! What projects are you working on this summer??

Have a great week and happy summer sewing!!


Weddings...Royal and Quilted

Congratulations William & Kate!

The Wedding Quilt

Close up of Wedding Quilt

Butterflies for the Bride & Groom

Back of the Wedding Quilt

Lily at the zoo...more interested in her stroller!

Lily with Grandpa at the zoo

Happy rainy Monday to you! Last night we had hail, rain, thunder and lightning and today it is cold and rainy! I don't believe I have ever known it to be this cold in May in Texas!! Truly amazing weather we are having.

Congratulations to William and Kate and their Royal wedding! I must confess that while I did get up at 4 a.m. to see Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding, I did NOT get up that early to see William and Kate's wedding! I am too many years older to get up that early now! However, PBS showed the whole wedding and stuff afterwards several times, so I got my fill of all things Royal wedding! I thought Kate's wedding dress was beautiful with all of the gorgeous white on white embroidery! Very elegant and old-fashioned!

And the Wedding Quilt I was working on finally got finished and delivered on the actual Royal Wedding day!! Nope, it wasn't for Wills and Kate, but it was done on time (photos above). I like the way the quilt turned out...and let me just say that halfway through the quilt I sure did hate it! But, as I am sure you have all experienced on projects, by the time the blood, sweat and tears are gone and the project is done, you love it and don't want to let it go! In the end, I really wanted to keep this quilt, but needed the money and kept my promise to my client! I used a wedding brocade for the back and the white blocks on the front, and I think it worked very well. The quilt is not heavily quilted...just in the ditch overall, around the borders and Xs across the large white blocks...it was pretty much all I had time for, since the piecing of the top took sooo long. But, with the beautiful wedding brocade fabric, I didn't think (and hubby agreed) that it actually needed a lot of extra quilting. What do you think?

I am taking a bit of a quilting breather and plan on making some summer dresses for myself this week. Oh yes, I have lots more quilts to make, but need a break before I dive back in. The bluework embroidery is still in the works and I will work more on that this week. What's on your sewing table? Do you have some projects lined up for spring and summer? Tell me about them!

We had our granddaughter, Lily, this past weekend and took her to the Dallas Zoo (photos above). She is not quite 19 months yet and it was a very hot & humid day, so it was not the day we expected...she is just too young to know what it going on and could have cared less about the animals! Oh well...we tried! I think we will have to wait until she is 5 or 6 before taking her again...the animals might be more exciting then!

Well, back to the sewing room to make some summer dresses!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Quilt Update

Baby quilt

Close up...great detail in the fabric!

Definitely a "boy" quilt!

Close up of the borders

Back of baby quilt

My version of "Water for Elephants"!!

The wind is blowing and the temperature is rising...happy spring! Okay, I admit that I am a little tired of this wind! We have lost a few shingles off the roof in the strong wind gusts, so hoping the wind dies down just a bit. As for the temperature, well, let's just say 80s are plenty hot for me and today is supposed to be in the low 90s! :o

Quilt update: Whew, finally finished the baby quilt I was working on and got it delivered! (photos above) It was a hit with the parents and grandparents! The newborn baby had no comment since he slept most of the time we were visiting! So I have been back on the wedding quilt...and time is ticking down! I am having motivational issues with this one and need to push myself harder to get it done in time! Here's hoping that I can get enthused about it again and get er done!! To try to speed the process along, I will either use Fusi Boo batting or try using a basting spray...I will let you know which one I use and how it works out.

I am still working on the Blue work embroidery project, and apologize for not posting photos of it yet...I have to rinse out and iron the panel that I have completed and then will photograph it for you.

It is still spring cleaning time, so I am going to have to get back to cleaning out closets...which is actually pretty exciting for me now! Why?! Because I am thinking about all of the great quilt fabric I will have when I finish cleaning out and cutting up old clothes!! Also, I am rescuing zippers and buttons...my button jar is filling up and you would be amazed at how many zippers you can rescue and reuse! :) Sewing green is so much fun!

My Janome is running great...except for the fact that I have broken 4 needles so far!! I don't usually break that many needles in 2 years! I have decided that I am used to my industrial Singer, which can handle more thicknesses of material at a time, and have to watch out for that with the Janome...it is not quite the beast that the Singer is. Overall, I am still loving my Janome!! Fast and easy bobbin filling...love the stitch regulator (which is something this wild, go fast quilter needs)...the needle threader is my new best friend and I am no longer noise polluting, because the Janome is super quiet!! :)

Well, time to get back to tackling this wedding quilt! Have you ever worked on a project that you had to muster up all of your will to get it finished?? Tell me about it!! I need your inspiring stories to keep me going!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Camping, Double Nine Patch & Burda patterns...


Double Nine Patch Block

String-pieced top

Tulip wall hanging

Several double nine patch blocks

Got Scraps??!! My overflowing scrap bucket!

String pieced block for another quilt

Camp visitors!

String-pieced top

Well, hubby & I just got back from a few days of camping, and other than the first stormy night we had a great time! We camped not too far from home, near our kids and grandbaby...and all but one sick son made it over to visit us!! It was a much needed and nice break for us. I did take my bluework project and finished a panel and started on panel #2! I love to take sewing/embroidery/quilting projects camping! I seem to get a lot done as there are few distractions!

Currently, I am working on a baby quilt...oops, baby was born this morning...and the top is made, so just need to baste, quilt and bind! I am also still working on the double nine patch wedding quilts...photos of the blocks above...that quilt has to be delivered by the end of the month, so I had better spend more time in the sewing room this month!

For all of you who sew clothing, I just picked up some Burda patterns http://www.burdastyle.com/?show_burdafashion_message=true this morning at Hancocks for $2.49 each...they are normally price between $12-20, so right now they are a bargain! I have a friend who makes all of her own clothing and she really likes these patterns, so I thought I would give them a try! I bought several so I can make a summer wardrobe...or at least attempt to! Have you ever used Burda patterns? Tell me what you think!

Oh, I finished the top of the string-pieced quilt (see photo above)...now it just needs quilting...although, I am thinking of adding a couple of borders to it...work in progress. There is also a photo of a tulip wallhanging that I did several years ago in a class...it is hand appliqued.

Well, back to the sewing room to get these quilts finished and make some clothes! I will post photos when I am done!

Happy Sewing & Quilting!


Spring Sewing and Cleaning...

"Redwork Rhymes" that I am doing in Bluework!
Well, Spring is here! Seems like we had a long winter, so I am glad that spring is here...even though it is a chilly 54 degrees and rainy today, it will be back in the 80s by the weekend!

What projects do you have going for spring? I mean...besides cleaning? Yep...I have started spring cleaning around here too. The other day I started cleaning out my closet...trying to get rid of things that don't fit anymore or are just worn out. I set aside things to go to Goodwill and things that would make good quilt fabric. Then I sat and watched movies while I took the potential quilt fabric clothes and took off buttons, cut out seams, cut off sleeves and collars and made stacks of good usable quilt fabric...now that is sewing green! You don't realize just how many clothes in your closet you can reuse and recycle into quilt fabric!! I have to admit...it was pretty exhilarating! I now have a button jar going and some zippers to reuse also! Oh...and I had several blouses that had embroidery on them, so I cut out the embroidery to incorporate into other clothing that I will make for summer!!

Right now, I am working on a double nine patch wedding quilt...the colors are sage green, black and white. I didn't realize when I chose this pattern just how tedious it would be to put the nine patch blocks together...plus, the pieces are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"...pretty darn small! I have 10 larger blocks put together now and need 25 in all...so I have a way to go, but am making good progress!

And suddenly, I had the urge to embroider! So, now I am also working on an embroidery quilt project. The pattern is called "Redwork Rhymes", but I am doing Bluework instead...just because I like bluework better than redwork! There are 3 panels with 4 blocks each (for a total of 12 embroidered blocks)...I am nearly done with 1 panel. It is going pretty quickly and I try to work on it every evening during our TV watching. I will post photos as I get the panels done. Although, I am not sure what fabric I will use in the quilt...I know it will be mostly blue!!

Another baby quilt will be in the works just as soon as I can find some motorcycle fabric for a baby!! Some friends of ours are having their second son and he will be born on April 8...so I am hoping to find motorcycle fabric very soon and get that quilt made...in a hurry!!

Well, that's it for now! Time to head back to the sewing room!! Let me know what your spring projects are...and share your sewing green ideas here!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!


Dallas Quilt Show 2011

Yesterday hubby and I went to the Dallas Quilt Show and saw some beautiful quilts! Please view my photos at the link above or in the upper left corner of this blog. They are loaded into Snapfish, so if you don't have an account, just register for free and then view the photos. Especially check out the Best of Show quilt...it was all hand pieced, embroidered and quilted!! Now that was a truly amazing quilt!!

I always get excited to go to quilt shows, because that is where I get inspired and my quilting urge gets renewed! I especially enjoy the Junior category for quilters 18 and under...very inspiring to know that our younger generations will carry on the quilting tradition!!

One quilt stood out for me, only because they were truly sewing green...check out the quilt made out of Lay's potato chip bags!! Now that is re-purposing at its finest!! Also, it made me laugh! :)

Off to my sewing room! Enjoy the photos of the Dallas Quilt Show!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting! :)


Baby Panel Quilt and Fiskars Snip Review

Back of Baby Panel quilt

Baby Panel Quilt

Close up of Baby Panel Back

Close of of Front

Happy Sunday All!

Just wanted to post some quick photos of a Baby Panel quilt I finished yesterday (see photos above and at end of post). This was a very fun, fast and easy baby quilt to make! I just added a border (green dots) to the baby panel, used fusible batting that I had left over from another quilt project; quilted it around the blocks on the panel, in the ditch and in the border; then sewed the binding on! I normally hand sew the back of the binding on, but for this quilt I sewed the binding on the back of the quilt by machine and then sewed the binding down on the front by machine...doing it this way made it so fast! I think it turned out very cute...oh and check out the back...cute bunnies!! This quilt would be great for either a boy or a girl, because it has bright colors and the back bunnies are pink and white on a blue background. It is always so fun to get a quilt project done quickly...very gratifying!


Today, I thought I would review a product that I use ALL the time when sewing and quilting. In fact, this product is one I highly recommend and I wouldn't sew or quilt without it! The product is the Fiskars Short Cut Snip (6.5") and it retails for under $10. These snips make super quick, tiny clips and are great for cutting random threads, snipping thread after sewing a seam, even ripping out a seam! I don't use seam rippers any more, I just use my snips! My snips live next to my sewing machine so they are handy for any project I am working on. Fiskars makes them, so they are top quality! Snips are small and very portable, so you can take them to class or throw them in your portable sewing bag. They also come in handy when doing hand embroidery. Get a pair and you will use them everyday!

***Don't forget...March 11-13 is the Dallas Quilt Show!! I am getting so excited and can't wait!!

Well, that's it for today. Enjoy the photos and I hope the product review is helpful to you! Let me hear your comments!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!
Close up of Baby Panel Quilt


Baby Patch Photos and Janome Foot

Baby Patch


Back of Baby Patch Quilt

Close up of Baby Patch

Close up of Baby Patch binding
Man, oh, man...can you believe how fast February is flying by?? I think I blinked and missed most of it!! But, March holds some exciting things! The North Texas Irish Fest is March 4-6...always fun...lots of beer...and interesting vendor booths! Then the Dallas Quilt Show is March 11-13!! (very excited about that!) Hubby has some sort of plastic model show happening the weekend of March 19...so March is going to be pretty busy! Also, I will be working on at least one commission quilt in March...just bought some more fabric for it today. It is a wedding quilt and I think I have finally settled on a pattern for it!! :)

Finished the baby patchwork quilt...yes, for the baby that was born in December! (See photos above) It was a fast and easy quilt to make....mainly fast because it's small, and easy because I used 5" squares! No borders...nothing fancy...but I think it turned out quite nice! I am going to try to make several more to save back...you never know who will have a baby next!!

FYI...my new Janome is working perfectly, however, finding a walking foot for it was a bird of a different color!! I had bought a walking foot for it...only to find out it was the wrong one, and the store doesn't take returns...it is currently posted on EBay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260741530344&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT. It is for a Janome Memory Craft machine...which I don't have! Anyway, we ended up going back to Hancocks, where hubby bought the machine, and they didn't have a walking foot to fit...so we ended up going to another sewing machine store and finally bought the right foot! Whew! That was a lot of running around to buy one sewing foot!! So, long story...short...I got the correct walking foot...quilted the baby quilt and life is good!

Well, back to the sewing room for now. Enjoy the photos and keep those comments coming! Another Product Review is coming soon!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!
Baby Patch Quilt