Texanese Quilt Done and More Winter Fun!

"Texanese" Quilt

Boot Block

Texas block

Prickly Pear block (the original Yellow Rose of TX)

Longhorn block

Back of "Texanese" Quilt

At last the "Texanese" (Texas themed with Asian fabrics) is done, delivered and Japan-bound! Photos are above..enjoy! For some reason this quilt was a tough assignment and I wasn't altogether pleased with during the designing, piecing, quilting process, however, it turned out okay...I think! My customer seemed very happy and excited about it...so I will consider it a success. (BTW...I used Fusi Boo fusible batting on this wall hanging...my favorite fusible batting!) You might notice that I used smaller Snowball blocks in this wallhanging!! Now onto the next project!!

There are several quilts in my sewing room that need quilting, so I may take some time to just work on them...after I finish another baby quilt for a friend of mine...a little late, as her son was born in December!! Oops! Oh well, as long as he gets it before he is college bound...right?! :) I also have quilts rolling around in my head which I need to produce so they can free up space in my brain. Ah....and then there is the Pirate Quilt which needs finishing...so much more work to do for me!!

When I was hand sewing the binding on the Texanese quilt (I always do my hand sewing in front of the TV), I saw a fascinating show on PBS called "b organic" and I was instantly hooked. Their website is http://borganic.net/ and they have projects, how-to videos and all sorts of things. Check out the website and let me know what you think!! The episode I caught was how to repurpose old sweaters, and how to make garden chaps...I know!...I was really excited!! Talk about sewing green...this show is a must see for all of you that love to sew green! Plus, the hostess of the show was sewing on an industrial Singer very much like the one I use!! So you see, this show has all kinds of things that got me excited! I plan on trying some of the projects from the show, so I will keep you posted.

Oh...another one of my projects is to make a soft doll and doll clothes for my GBaby Lily. I have everything I need to get started, so hopefully I can post photos soon. I have never made soft dolls before, but I am intrigued by how to make them and how they look...so many different kinds with so many different looks!

It has been a while since I have done embroidery and I am thinking the doll project will help me get back into embroidery. I have been missing it. Again...all sorts of projects in my sewing room that require embroidery!!

The weather has been really nice the past few days, but it looks like we are in for another freezing spell for the rest of the week...maybe even snow! I am not a fan of the cold or snow, but I like the fact that it is the best quilting weather!!

That's it for now! What are you working on this winter? Have you finished any quilts in 2011?? Post comments to me with the links where your quilt or embroidery projects reside!! I love to look at your work!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!

GBaby Lily dressed to party!!