Quilting in the year 2011...and Janome review!

First Snow 2011

More snow!
Well, so far, 2011 has been a rather unique year in several ways. Last week we had a record deep freeze and most businesses and schools were closed 4 days in a row...this is just unheard of in the south! And to top it all off the Super Bowl was in town with some major hiccups...not sure it will ever be held in Dallas again!! On a personal note...I have completed 2 quilts this year already and am working on a baby quilt (I won't mention that the baby was born in December 2010!), and getting ready to finish some quilts that were started long long ago!

Have you ever thought about dollmaking? Well, I made a soft doll for our little granddaughter last week. Now you would think (as did I) a doll...small, easy project...not so much! It took me hours to make a doll dress! Okay, okay...I used a pattern for a 20" doll on an 18" doll thinking "sure, it will fit...maybe even be too big"...wrong! After struggling with the dress for quite some time...ripping part of the neckline to get it onto the doll and having to modify the neckling...I finally got it made...*whew*! So just remember...as I didn't...measure twice, cut once...on any project you attempt! Lesson learned!! :)

Since we were snowed/iced in last week...I finally got a chance to sit down with my new Janome and give it a whirl. Hubby bought the Janome 8050 for me several months ago, but I have been so busy with commission quilts that I had not had the chance to play with it. Let me tell you...it is GREAT! I LOVE it! It has so many features and stitches on it...wow! Oh, and sooo much quieter than my Singer! Don't get me wrong...I still love my industrial Singer, but the Janome has so many more features on it that will come in handy. The Janome has over 40 different stitches, including 3 blanket stitches for applique...these stitches will definitely come in handy! I love the drop in bobbin and the fact that it has a see-through plate so you can actually see how much thread is on your bobbin. I also like way the Janome winds the bobbins...it is fast, and simple and you don't have to remember to push anything in after you are done winding the bobbin. It did take me a while and a good reading of the manual to figure out how to change the top thread tension...it wasn't real obvious at first. Oh and FYI...the manual is well written and easy to follow with some great tips. Always keep your sewing machine manual handy...even if you think you know your sewing machine inside and out...there will always be that one thing you forget or didn't realize, but it will be in your manual. Now, I know that with Singer sewing machines you can download the manuals for the various machines...I don't see anything like that on the Janome website http://janome.com/, so I recommend making a copy of your manual and putting it in a safe place (like your file drawer, or other place in your house) in case anything happens to your original manual. Hubby bought my Janome at Hancocks http://www.hancockfabrics.com/ and this Janome is specific to Hancocks, but I believe that if this particular machine is made and works well, then all of their other machines would be made with the same quality....I know that is true with Singer and Brother sewing machines. Bottom line...I am delighted with my new Janome and recommend you run out and get one for yourself!

Well, today happens to be a beautiful day, so I am off to run errands with hubby and soak up some Vitamin D from the sunshine!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting...and stay warm my friends!!