Weddings...Royal and Quilted

Congratulations William & Kate!

The Wedding Quilt

Close up of Wedding Quilt

Butterflies for the Bride & Groom

Back of the Wedding Quilt

Lily at the zoo...more interested in her stroller!

Lily with Grandpa at the zoo

Happy rainy Monday to you! Last night we had hail, rain, thunder and lightning and today it is cold and rainy! I don't believe I have ever known it to be this cold in May in Texas!! Truly amazing weather we are having.

Congratulations to William and Kate and their Royal wedding! I must confess that while I did get up at 4 a.m. to see Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding, I did NOT get up that early to see William and Kate's wedding! I am too many years older to get up that early now! However, PBS showed the whole wedding and stuff afterwards several times, so I got my fill of all things Royal wedding! I thought Kate's wedding dress was beautiful with all of the gorgeous white on white embroidery! Very elegant and old-fashioned!

And the Wedding Quilt I was working on finally got finished and delivered on the actual Royal Wedding day!! Nope, it wasn't for Wills and Kate, but it was done on time (photos above). I like the way the quilt turned out...and let me just say that halfway through the quilt I sure did hate it! But, as I am sure you have all experienced on projects, by the time the blood, sweat and tears are gone and the project is done, you love it and don't want to let it go! In the end, I really wanted to keep this quilt, but needed the money and kept my promise to my client! I used a wedding brocade for the back and the white blocks on the front, and I think it worked very well. The quilt is not heavily quilted...just in the ditch overall, around the borders and Xs across the large white blocks...it was pretty much all I had time for, since the piecing of the top took sooo long. But, with the beautiful wedding brocade fabric, I didn't think (and hubby agreed) that it actually needed a lot of extra quilting. What do you think?

I am taking a bit of a quilting breather and plan on making some summer dresses for myself this week. Oh yes, I have lots more quilts to make, but need a break before I dive back in. The bluework embroidery is still in the works and I will work more on that this week. What's on your sewing table? Do you have some projects lined up for spring and summer? Tell me about them!

We had our granddaughter, Lily, this past weekend and took her to the Dallas Zoo (photos above). She is not quite 19 months yet and it was a very hot & humid day, so it was not the day we expected...she is just too young to know what it going on and could have cared less about the animals! Oh well...we tried! I think we will have to wait until she is 5 or 6 before taking her again...the animals might be more exciting then!

Well, back to the sewing room to make some summer dresses!!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!