Best of Both Worlds

It's a Boy and a Girl!!

Pink AND Blue!

Blue Rag Edge Burp Cloth

Lavender/Pink Rag Edge Burp Cloth

Baby Quilt Project
 Okay everyone...the Gender Reveal party for my upcoming grandbabies was Friday night and...It's a Boy...and a Girl! That's right, one of each...the best of both worlds! My daughter and her husband are expecting a boy and my stepson and his wife (parents of my granddaughter) are expecting another baby girl. Very exciting! So, now that we know the genders of both little ones, that means it's fabric shopping time!! :)  We had a great time at the party...check out the photos!

Today I tested the burp cloth pattern that I posted the link for last week http://homemadebyjill.blogspot.com/2008/01/burp-cloth-tutorial.html. I thought they turned out really great, but here are the photos, so judge for yourself. They were fairly simple to make, however, I did figure out that I really need to get my scissors sharpened! They are dull, dull, dull and cutting flannel with dull scissors wasn't much fun at all! I am also so used to using my rotary cutter to cut fabric, that going back to scissor cutting was a bit tedious. That being said, each burp cloth took only about 10 minutes or so to cut out and sew up...then I just had to cut around the edges and throw in the washer for that frayed edge look. I made a blue one and a lavender/pink one...in honor of my upcoming new grandson and granddaughter! I do believe I will make some more of these kinds of burp cloths, as well as the old standbys that I make using cloth diapers. It's nice to try something new!

Next weekend is a 3 day weekend for me, so I plan on getting some more sewing done. I am posting a a pic of the baby quilt top that I am working on. Perhaps I will get that finished next weekend! Oh, and I have a wedding to go to on Saturday! I bought the wedding gift yesterday, so I think I am set!

Lots to do this week...work...get a personal trainer...get my hair done...wedding...sewing...quilting!! What are you working on this week or over the 3 day weekend??

Happy Sewing and Quilting!!