I wanted to thank you all for your love and support. I am truly blessed to have family, good friends and dear readers! 

My thoughts these days are running off in all directions, but mainly in the baby direction! I am so looking forward to 2 new grand babies...and at the SAME time! WOW! I was over at my oldest daughter's house last night and she is getting her nursery fixed up. I just can't believe my girl is having a baby!! Anyway, she has selected blue, gray and yellow for the nursery...and if it's a girl she will add a coral color. Very calming colors and I am excited to start making nursery things. My daughter-in-law...also expecting...does not have colors picked out yet, so her nursery may be a little more eclectic, which is fun too!

What is your favorite thing to make for a nursery? I ask because typically I sew burp cloths, baby blankets with Minkee and baby quilts. My daughter has requested a crib bed skirt, baby quilt, curtains, et al., so I had better get cracking...er...sewing! I have already purchased a dozen cloth diapers to make burp cloths out of. I have a fast easy technique that I will share with you in another post (after I have photos). It takes about 15-20 minutes to make one...start to finish! So, I can make a dozen in no time at all! Time to go through my fabric stash and select the fabric for everything!

Later friends...Happy Sewing and Quilting!

P.S. -- I wanted to share a photo of my new house...I call it my little doll house! It's tiny but it's mine and just right for me, 2 kitties and a grandchild or 2...or 3! :)

My Little Doll House!