Quilting as Therapy

Why do you quilt? What do you get out of quilting? Quilting is certainly not an inexpensive hobby...at least not anymore. So why do you quilt? 

I was thinking back to the reasons why I started quilting, and there were several, but mainly relaxation. Yes, quilting, with all of its frustrations, is very relaxing to me and great therapy! My aunt was a fiber artist for most of her life, and she was a very gentle and relaxed soul. I believe it was because she worked with textiles and took great comfort in the feel of fabric. Have I mentioned lately that I love fabric?! :) 

Since I started quilting again after my husband's death, I am finding that relaxation factor, but it is also quite energizing. It gets my mind going and I start designing quilts in my head. I get a feeling of accomplishment and the sense that I am doing something positive in my life. Even just sewing something as simple as a baby burp cloth gives me great satisfaction and relaxation. Most of us work at jobs that, well let's face it, are not terribly exciting, so having a hobby that is fulfilling and relaxing at the same time is priceless. And, as I have discussed here before, quilting and sewing can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want it to be, because you can recycle/re-purpose fabric from old clothes, sheets, blankets and a variety of things. Buying quilt fabric from a quilt shop is a lot of fun...but that's where quilting and sewing gets expensive. Shopping for fabric yardage at a thrift store is fun and challenging...not to mention more cost effective and "green". So, why do you quilt?

And now for a change of subject...Embroidery

I'm so excited! I ordered some embroidery transfer patterns from one of my favorite quilt sites http://www.sublimestitching.com/ and got them in the mail yesterday! They were having a 1/2 off embroidery pattern sale, so I took full advantage! Here is a pic of what I got!

Embroidery Patterns

Baby Quilt

I am making progress on the baby quilt...the quilting is nearly finished and I can't wait to start on the binding! I am posting photos, so you can see the back and binding fabric I chose for this quilt. The back is a black polka dot print...and normally I wouldn't use a black back for a baby quilt, but for this quilt I challenged myself to use fabric, thread and batting that I already have and buy nothing new. So far, so good! This quilt is all from my stash! I believe I will be able to finish it without having to buy anything for it. BTW...my stash got smaller when I moved, but my sewing room is still too full! Oh...and also, I had a piece of Fusi Boo batting (http://www.fairfieldworld.com/product/51) large enough for the quilt, so I saved myself a lot of baste pinning and time!
Yellow is the binding; Black is the back

Quilted top
This weekend I will start on a crib skirt for my daughter's nursery...she is having a baby boy, and wants a crib skirt, quilt and matching pillows. Then I will make all of that for my daughter in law, who is having another baby girl! Yes, I have my work cut out for me...and I couldn't be more excited!

More later...
Happy Sewing and Quilting!