Rainy Day

Nice relaxing Saturday and now it's raining again...or should I say pouring down buckets again! Hubby and I went over and had lunch with both daughters today. It was so much fun. We got to talking about blogging and different kinds of blogs and ended up laughing so hard we were in tears!!

I also picked up my block of the month (BOM) from Quilt Country (http://www.quiltcountry.com/) in Lewisville. I am doing the batik version of this BOM, and think it will look really great when it is finished. The problem is that I have actually put together a total of 1 block and had trouble with that one. They are using Thangles for the blocks, and even though I have gone to the website (http://www.thangles.com/) and watched the "how to" video I am still not getting it right. Apparently, there is some trick that I am missing. Any advice?

Okay, yesterday I clued you in to the fact that I am working on a pirate quilt and am hand appliquing it. The pattern is called "It's a Pirates Life" (couldn't remember until I looked today).

<--- Here is the pattern, and below are images of some of the blocks that I have finished. I will post photos of the other blocks as I complete them. You might notice that my blocks look a little different from the pattern, but that is my habit to take a pattern and put the "Quilting Sue Spin" on it. Enjoy the photos!

<---I know the mermaid is a little "cartoony", but that is how she was in the pattern, and I added my own embellishments!