Confessions of a Fabriholic!

Yes, that's right -- I said Fabriholic -- that is what I am! There are people that like fabric and there are people who love fabric and can't get enough of it...that, my friend, is a Fabriholic! With that clarification, I now confess to you that I, Quilting Sue, am a Fabriholic! My stash grows by leaps and bounds and I just never seem to have enough fabric in it. But, I am excited about my new fabric purchase that I just made today!! In my new Irish Quilting magazine I saw an ad for fabric called "Emerald Isles" and just fell in love with it. Searching for it on the web didn't bring any results, so I had to resort to emailing the manufacturer -- Nutex. (Now, to some of you this might seem extreme, but to a Fabriholic...well, you get the picture!). Anyway, they responded with a list of retailers they had sold the fabric to, so after looking them all up, I found a source. I have ordered and paid for it (after consulting with hubby about the cost!) and now all I have to do is look forward to getting it in the mail!! Euphoria!

An old friend of mine came to town this week on business and we got together for the first time in probably 20+ years. We had lunch yesterday and she has commissioned me to make a baby quilt. She actually brought BOLTS of fabric to make the quilt from! So, as soon as I finish this other baby quilt for my other friend...then I have another one to make, which I am really looking forward to. It is pretty exciting to be asked to make quilts...and get paid to do it!

Speaking of quilting...gotta run to go quilt! Have a wonderful day and Happy Quilting!